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18. February 2011 13:02

How to Make Silver Jewelry Shine

I took this picture of a pair of silver earrings by my kitchen window. The light coming from behind made the background look bright and airy. Here is how I made the silver earrings shine.

Cut two panels from a cardboard box. Make the pieces much larger than the object you want to photograph. Make them as big as you can but not so big that they become unhandy to work with.

1. Cut a piece of aluminum foil a bit larger than the cardboard.                                 2. The duller side of the aluminum foil gives a softer light than the shinny side - the shiny side reflects more light.                                                       3. Fold the aluminum foil around the cardboard and tape it.                                             4. You just made a silver reflective card. You will need two of them, please cut and wrap in foil another piece of cardboard.

I used a book to place the earrings, but any surface will work. Make sure to put a piece of foil under it to reflect more light on the earrings.

Put one of the reflective cards a few inches from the earrings. The closer you put it, the more light that will reflect back. It will also make more of the silver look shiny.

Play with the angle of the card to control the amount of light that bounces back on the earrings.

Use the second card to put light on the left side of the earrings. Leave a space in the center just big enough for you to be able to take the picture.

With and without the cards.

I adjusted the cards so the left side of the book gets more light than the right. Having a darker side gives the picture more depth







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The Beading Gem
The Beading Gem
2/27/2011 4:18:36 AM #

This is a very helpful post!!  I will link in a future blog post so others can come visit!  I am on Etsy too!

3/9/2011 3:34:28 AM #

Very good tips - the foil board is a great idea.  You don't seem to be using any lights.  Good lighting adds so much!

Christine Gierer
Christine Gierer
5/10/2011 5:02:58 AM #

Wow what a great tutorial! These are great ideas for reflecting light.  Could you do a tutorial on using lamps and what bulbs to use?  I often need to do my photography after my kids go to bed and I always have trouble a. getting enough light, and b. getting the right light temperature.  I'd love to be able to shoot using indoor lamps without having to fiddle so much with editing programs.

Divya N
Divya N
5/23/2011 7:10:28 PM #

a great and helpful post

Park Taylor
Park Taylor
5/29/2011 10:36:34 PM #

I have posted a photo and a link to this tutorial on my blog, The Crafty Artisan!Happy Crafting!

5/30/2011 3:49:32 AM #

doesn't that lighting feel a little harsh? i would suggest using a white sheet to diffuse the window light, and soft white cards for reflection to manipulate your highlights/catch-lights - the objects aren't moving, so with a tripod you can use as slow a shutter speed as you like.  or, just hire a photographer.  ;)

6/3/2011 8:59:26 AM #

This is fantastic! Thank you so much for making this helpful blog available to artists. I will be posting it to my blog, very shortly. Cheers!

6/10/2011 4:53:44 PM #

Great tutorial, thanks for sharing!

6/18/2011 8:05:19 AM #

Very good tips! Thank you so much.

Thomas Dean
Thomas Dean United States
8/23/2011 3:17:56 PM #

I love the article.  I cannot wait to read  your archived articles.

Nikki United States
9/1/2011 11:20:10 AM #

This was a great idea, thanks for sharing!  And to anyone posting negative feedback, hold yourself accountable for your actions.  You disgrace yourself by posting anonymously.

Allison United States
9/18/2011 6:17:42 PM #

Thank you for the great info. I can see why the foil would help in this situation rather than using a sheer sheet or similar. Thanks again.

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male enhancement United States
10/31/2011 6:49:40 PM #

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Mixed Kreations
Mixed Kreations United States
11/14/2011 9:36:17 AM #

Great tutorial. I really have a hard time with silver jewelry. My picture always come out blurry or can hardly see them.

Angella Briggs
Angella Briggs United States
4/1/2012 11:42:28 PM #

Very nice tutorial! I have tried making white boxes from a different tutorial by taping pieces of foam board together, but it was a mess. This is quicker and better!

silver United States
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