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Every other month our blog posts a tutorial showing how to take at home the pictures we create in the studio. If you have a question about our suggestions please don’t hold back - write to us.

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I am an advertising photographer in NYC. My pictures help large corporations sell more and keep their brands looking fresh. I am also the founder of Via U!, an online studio dedicated to creating photography that helps people selling in Etsy increase their sales too.

9. February 2011 03:26

How to Make a White Background for Product Pictures

This picture was taken by my kitchen window. Here is a step by step showing how to create a white background using a discarded box.

Choose a box that it’s height about five times taller than the object you want to photograph. Remove the top flaps and two of the sides.

Cut pieces of white foam core to fit the panels. You can use any other white material as long as it is rigid and stays flat.

Tape the pieces of foam core to the box.

The pieces should fit seamlessly.

The light coming in from the window will reflect back off the white walls resulting in a light that is even and soft.

Put the box near the window. Turn it around until you to find the place where the light falls on the inside as even as you can get it.

The white panels will never look exactly the same - which is a really good thing because if they did the picture would look flat. Often a little bit of imperfection gives a lot of character to a picture.

You are ready to go!
Experiment photographing in different areas of the box and turning the box around to change the light.

You can also try photographing using the corner.

Soap: Courtesy of Anderson Soap Co.

Each week we post a new product photography tutorial showing how to take at home the pictures we create at the Via U! studio.





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Avenida Enekuri Greetings
Avenida Enekuri Greetings
2/21/2011 11:08:12 PM #

Thanks for posting! The step by step pictures are very helpful for amateur photographers like me Wink

Molly Smith
Molly Smith
2/26/2011 9:34:16 AM #

Thanks for sharing this how-to! I have heard about it forever but not with pictures. I appreciate your time! Yay! (I needed this soooo bad!) ~Molly

Kitty Ballistic
Kitty Ballistic
2/26/2011 8:22:55 PM #

Thank you for posting this tutorial. I have seen a few 'make a lightbox from a cardboard box' tutorials before, but I've never managed to successfully complete one. OK, so I did adapt your method slightly (I lost the cardboard box and just used the foam core), but the effect is the same. I've just blogged about it here:

5/10/2011 2:21:46 AM #

Great! Thanks so much. I have larger products but I think this will still work really well. First time here but I'll be back - so useful!

Christine Gierer
Christine Gierer
5/10/2011 5:08:26 AM #

Wow!  Another great tutorial.  Thanks so much for creating these.  I'll be telling my readers about this blog in my newsletters for sure.Christine and Handmade Results

Ashley P.
Ashley P.
6/24/2011 2:50:27 AM #

Hello,To Via U! Blog, I thank you so very much for sharing this valuable information with the world. What an incredible tutorial! I've been trying to figure out secrets to taking great pics of my products for my Etsy shop. I will give it a try soon, for sure, but should I fail, I'll be contacting you.By the looks of your work, I will not be disappointed.  Again, thank you so much for this tutorial.Ashley P.

Chrissy United States
10/27/2011 5:27:06 PM #

Thank you for this tutorial!!  I have an etsy shop & I've been using my back driveway bc I love the effect of natural light. It's getting cold, so having this idea is going to be great! Thank you! (:

Voyage Marrakech
Voyage Marrakech France
11/12/2011 4:26:25 PM #

Woh I enjoy your content , saved to favorites ! .

Linda Keesee
Linda Keesee United States
11/14/2011 9:05:21 AM #

Hello, I just recently ran across a link to your blog. Looks like a fantastic  blog with tons of great information and tutorials for taking great pictures. And I could use all the help I can get. Saving your link so I can come back. Thanks for sharing,
Linda @

steve United States
1/17/2012 2:17:25 PM #

thanks for this

Chury Malaysia
5/15/2012 5:28:41 AM #

Thanks for sharing!

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