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Every other month our blog posts a tutorial showing how to take at home the pictures we create in the studio. If you have a question about our suggestions please don’t hold back - write to us.

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I am an advertising photographer in NYC. My pictures help large corporations sell more and keep their brands looking fresh. I am also the founder of Via U!, an online studio dedicated to creating photography that helps people selling in Etsy increase their sales too.

25. February 2011 22:49

How to Take Pictures of a Bottle

When taking pictures of a bottle you may need to put light behind it to make it look transparent. Here is how using cardboard and aluminum foil you can achieve professional looking results.

First we’ll need to make a small stage where to put the bottle. Find a cardboard box that it’s taller than the bottle you want to photograph and remove the top flaps and two of the sides.

I used pieces of paper to cover the inside of the box. You can use any material you like. Fabric is a great idea because there is so much to choose from. Using something distinctive helps to make your picture look special.

I lined the inside of the box with white foam core to make it rigid. Then covered only two sides with paper to let the light reflect back. You can also tape a piece of white paper to make light bounce back.

Use the object you want to photograph as a template to cut a piece of cardboard of the same shape. Wrap the cut-out in aluminum foil.

Put the bottle in the set leaving a few inches of space between the bottle and the back wall.

Make rings of tape and use them to stick the cut-out to something that can hold it standing up.

Put the cut-out behind the bottle and turn it to make the light coming in from the window reflect and go through the bottle.

Looking from the position where you will put the camera find the angle that makes the most light go through.

With and without the card in the back!

Shower Gel: Courtesy of Valley Green Naturals.









18. February 2011 13:02

How to Make Silver Jewelry Shine

I took this picture of a pair of silver earrings by my kitchen window. The light coming from behind made the background look bright and airy. Here is how I made the silver earrings shine.

Cut two panels from a cardboard box. Make the pieces much larger than the object you want to photograph. Make them as big as you can but not so big that they become unhandy to work with.

1. Cut a piece of aluminum foil a bit larger than the cardboard.                                 2. The duller side of the aluminum foil gives a softer light than the shinny side - the shiny side reflects more light.                                                       3. Fold the aluminum foil around the cardboard and tape it.                                             4. You just made a silver reflective card. You will need two of them, please cut and wrap in foil another piece of cardboard.

I used a book to place the earrings, but any surface will work. Make sure to put a piece of foil under it to reflect more light on the earrings.

Put one of the reflective cards a few inches from the earrings. The closer you put it, the more light that will reflect back. It will also make more of the silver look shiny.

Play with the angle of the card to control the amount of light that bounces back on the earrings.

Use the second card to put light on the left side of the earrings. Leave a space in the center just big enough for you to be able to take the picture.

With and without the cards.

I adjusted the cards so the left side of the book gets more light than the right. Having a darker side gives the picture more depth